Five-year plans are less than 2% accurate

In recent years something that has become clear to me is that a number of major South African corporations have scrapped their five-year planning processes. And good for them, because these have been proven to be time and money-wasting exercises that are out of date the second the ink has dried on the whiteboard. Even[…]

It’s all about engagement

Our digital age has introduced so many wonderful platforms for ordinary people to congregate and communicate. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s no overstatement to say that social media and online publishing have fundamentally marketing communications. One of the most striking consequences is that marketers have had to re-evaluate their understanding of two-way conversation between[…]

It’s time to move with the times

A seismic shift in consumer behaviour is seemingly being ignore by South African marketers who haven’t yet made the shift to the ‘intention economy’. This phenomenon has emerged over the past five years in most developed economies, but is only just catching on here in South Africa. The central premise of the intention economy is[…]

Should the bean counters be running marketing budgets?

Here’s a radical idea born out of my experience dealing with large organisations and their marketing teams: the accountants have a far greater appreciation for the value that marketing adds to their business than their marketing counterparts do. Crazy, right? Let me tell you why I don’t think so. By my reckoning, big companies are[…]

Seeking certainty in uncertain times

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the way to engage with consumers has changed significantly over the past decade or two. Attention spans are shorter, media consumption habits are evolving and notice paid to traditional advertising is waning. The marketing industry has two choices in this situation of receding attention spans. It can[…]

Lip service no longer pays the bills

Authenticity is a new catch-phrase doing the rounds in marketing circles. For good reason, because consumers are more awake to marketing guile and are less easily taken in by poor advertising. Retailers, in particular, need to start making real commitments to the consumer and need to stop telling them they ‘care’. Everyone knows this is[…]

You only know what you know

Market research is not what it used to be. The question is: is that good or bad? A common thread in modern market research appears to revolve around measuring reach, awareness if you will. These metrics are easy to produce given the immediate and deep feedback available from web and social media platforms. And, if[…]