You only know what you know

Surprised woman

Market research is not what it used to be. The question is: is that good or bad?

A common thread in modern market research appears to revolve around measuring reach, awareness if you will. These metrics are easy to produce given the immediate and deep feedback available from web and social media platforms. And, if done right, the numbers can look impressive.

Sadly, to some marketers these numbers are the one and only yardstick in determining the success or failure of an advertising campaign.

The trouble is, that used to be sufficient. But, things have changed and so have consumers.

Mass marketing today is not about being noticed, it’s about commitment. And a company cannot become committed to its customers unless it understands everything that makes that customer tick.

And the only way to do that is through complete and proper research.

I’m not suggesting awareness is unimportant, I’m merely saying that being seen to say something is not nearly as important what is being said.

Concentrating so exclusively on awareness is like a soccer player being aware of the fact that there is a goal, but not actually getting his act together sufficiently to kick the ball into the net.

Perhaps the most important marketing message companies need to know is that they need to be telling their customers what they want to hear.

And how do you know what that is? You either guess, or you actually ask them.

That is what proper market research allows you to do.