Mampoer, a subsidiary of Big Media, is a pioneering South African e-book publishing venture which commissions, edits, produces and sells non-fiction e-books on current South African topics. The e-books can be read on a variety of devices, from iPads to Kindles to smartphones. The venture has attracted considerable interest in the media.

Our e-commerce website tracks all purchases, calculates fees to individual authors, handles credit cards, discounts and bulk subscriptions.

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Vodacom Digital Classroom

The Digital Classroom provides a rich source of content to educators, providing online teaching materials and aids. It was created by Big Media on behalf of the Vodacom Foundation to support the foundation’s regional ICT centres in each of the provinces.

Vodacom’s Mobile Education Programme is a teacher development initiative to improve the quality of instruction in all subjects, particularly in Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy and Physical Science.


Play Your Part

Play Your Part is a nationwide campaign created by Brand South Africa to inspire, empower and celebrate active citizenship. It aims to encourage South Africans to use some of their time, money, skills or goods to contribute to a better future for all.

Through this interactive website, we tell the stories of people and organisations making a difference in the lives of people and make it possible for organisations and individuals to make connections - and play their part.


Gauteng Film Commission

This exciting website for the Gauteng Film Commission shows exactly why the province is a world-class destination for film making.

Elements on the site include all the information film-makers need to know about incentives, locations, filming permits, and the services offered by the Commission.

Big Media ensures that the website also keeps readers up-to-date with the latest news, upcoming events and movies filmed in Gauteng.


South African Cities Network

Monitoring trends in urban development, analysing strategic challenges facing local cities and leading debates on local government policy is all in a day's work for the South African Cities Network. And all this work is available on the website.

In addition, Big Media has developed an extranet for our client.

We also send out a monthly e-newsletter to keep readers informed on the latest developments countrywide.


South African Gateway

If you're a South African at home or abroad, or if you're interested in visiting or investing in the country, SOUTHAFRICA.INFO is for you!

This award-winning site gives an overview of South Africa's attractions and opportunities, and is a user-friendly guide to sources of information from work permits to sports grounds, from investor guidelines to sight-seeing.

Our client is Brand South Africa, a project that operates within the President's Office.



We’ve helped put together an elegant online portal where all government investment incentives are available.

Through the portal, companies can get all the information they need on what’s out there to help them. This one-stop-shop means that businesses will no longer have to check multiple websites for assistance packages.

This work is currently in development.



Meet Brenda, our guide for television viewers who want to install MultiChoice’s new digital offering.

We’ve created a fun interactive website explaining what digital television is all about, how it works and how viewers can access this new technology.

This work is currently in development.

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