Anyone can build you a website. But that’s all it is: a website. What we build is a communications tool that presents your organisation in the best possible way. We’re one of the few web development companies to make content the core focus.

Communications is the most neglected aspect of web development. Web developers generally leave the content for last, or squeeze it into the gaps between icons, or regurgitate it from printed brochures.

But content is the reason the internet exists. And it's the reason Big Media exists - we produce high-quality written, pictorial or video material, tailored to deliver the client's message. We ask: who is your audience? What are you trying to tell them? Then we plan a solution that puts the two together.



What's your message?

A website is not simply a place to lay out content and leave it. A website's purpose is to persuade, or to trigger activity, and the content must be packaged to achieve that. More >>

Yes, we are bee

We have empowerment credentials, with EmpowerLogic giving us a rating of Level 2... More >>

Does content matter?

If you want to attract audience, you need compelling content. You need to keep thinking: how do we make our products, ideas and activities interesting to the world... More >>

A comic strip guide

How we produce content? An illustrated guide in comic book style. More >>


We design newspapers

We can proudly claim to have SA's most experienced newspaper designer and consultant.
More >>

We do training

Big Media runs internship programmes for writers and webmasters, mentored by a full-time trainer, providing on-the-job training... More >>